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Meetup Rules

Post by Aze on Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:19 am

This is in addition to the Forum Rules (click). Any behavior of the sort illustrated in the forum rules (hateful, harmful, etc behavior) will be grounds for discipline in terms of being made to leave, having parents called, being barred from future meetups, and in extreme cases, having the police called. In this document, the organizer (Toni) is referred to as Aze, her preferred online alias and nickname.

To parents or guardians: Please read the Parent Information thread. Aze will not discipline any minors or children in her care for bad behavior in any way that does not relate to the above statement of discipline (being asked to leave or having parents called) unless asked to do so, and any discipline will never include hitting, spanking, or yelling at your child/minor if left in her care. However, this is not a daycare: Aze will not allow people under 13 years of age to join in the meetups unless brought by parents with advance notice given to Aze with at least one of the underaged person's parents/guardians remaining with them for the duration of their stay at the meetup.

1. Bring enough money to chip in for your share of food. There will be an agreement before the actual meetup on what everyone wants, and everyone will chip in for a main order, and it is your job to bring enough money for your own food. It isn't right to make someone else pay more than they'd planned to. However, if you don't have enough money for a specific meetup, let Aze know. She may be able to provide for you, but do not abuse this privilege, as it is not something to take lightly. If you do not state what you want for the 'main order' before the meetup, you will be responsible for making and paying for your own order.

2. Do not leave garbage laying around. If we visit a restaurant where it is customary to allow the waiters to take away your plates and such when you are done, that is fine; but if we are, for instance, at a cafe with orders 'to go', you must dispose of your empty containers/wrappers, etc, properly and cleanly. Do your best to leave the area as tidy (if not cleaner) than you found it.

3. Try to keep your noise level at an appropriate volume. If we're in an already noisy venue, or one where it is acceptable to get a little excited, feel free to be loose with your reactions to things. But if we are, again, for instance, at a cafe where it is quieter, do not make a scene that would draw too many eyes to us or potentially cause us to be vacated from the premises because of a noise complaint. Indoor voices when indoors, please.

4. Do not [s]roughhive[/s] roughhouse or be rowdy when indoors or in polite company. Moreover, do not be rough at all if someone isn't comfortable with it. I would personally prefer that everyone remain calm and polite at all times, but, well, sometimes it's fun to do things like play hide and seek if we're in a nice area for it, such as a park.

5. Do not present yourself in a way that would frighten or worry other members or the general public, unless we are having a previously agreed upon cosplay day or some such. Even then, those of you with 'scarier' cosplays, please try to keep it child friendly, ensure that it is not too revealing, and that you keep your distance from anyone that seems uncomfortable with cosplays. You are not required to cosplay on cosplay days.

6. Further regarding 'cosplay days', do not act as though the person in cosplay is actually their character. There is to be no [s]F[/s]LARPING unless you break off from the group for a short time to do so. We are here to meet up with each other as ourselves, not as our favorite characters. Additionally, please do not throw things at, attack, take pictures of (without permission), or make fun of any of us that do choose to cosplay (or those that don't). If anyone makes problems on cosplay days they may be barred from future cosplay days or cosplay days themselves may be cancelled for the forseeable future.

7. Please keep in mind that personal hygiene is important. If you come to a meetup and you are horribly unkempt, you may be asked to leave until you fix the problem.

8. Please keep in mind that our meetups are SCENT FREE! PLEASE DO NOT WEAR PERFUME OR COLOGNE, as Aze, the meetup organizer, is VERY SENSITIVE TO THESE SMELLS. If you are wearing too much perfume/cologne, you will be asked to leave! Lightly scented deodorants are acceptable, but products such as AXE especially are not. If you don't know of any mild deodorants, products such as Old Spice, Secret, or Degree would be fine. Aze apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

9. If you are asked to leave a meetup because of personal conduct or hygiene, please be considerate and do so. If you feel you were asked to leave unjustly, please bring it up on the forums instead of coming back to the meetup. In the case of hygiene, you are allowed to return once the issue has been resolved, but if you come back without fixing the problem (or if you come back due to conduct) and continue to make trouble, you will be barred from future meetups and the location and/or time of the meetups will likely change to prevent you from interfering with future meetups until such time as you prove you can be trusted with attendance again, which is very hard to do and will require an interview with Aze to ensure that you've improved your behavior.

10. If you are a minor, your parent(s)/guardian(s) (from here on out referred to as parents) must be aware and approving of your location and activities at all times. You are not to break off from the group unless Aze has advance warning from your parents that you are allowed to do so, and she must be aware of your location at all times until you get on the bus or hitch a ride home with someone approved by your parents, again, unless your parents have said otherwise. This means that Aze must be allowed to be in contact with your parents. Aze apologizes if this seems like a hassle, but it is for your safety and for the group's legal safety as well.

11. If you are a minor and you have lied about your age and prevented Aze from being in contact with your parents/guardians, you will be barred from all future meetups until such time as you are of age. Even then, you are not likely to be allowed to join the group at such a time because of your deceit. We do not lie to each other, especially when the lie endangers you or someone else. If you have alternative guardians that you would rather that Aze be in contact with, for instance speaking to one parent and not the other because of a divorce or so on, you may speak to Aze privately about it, but Aze will not be party to something illegal or something that could potentially get the group in legal trouble. Even if you cannot join the meetups because of such an issue, you are welcome to be on the forums.

12. While on a meetup, your behavior reflects on Aze. As the adult (and official) organizer of the group, if someone breaks something, gets into a fight, or causes other issues, Aze will be held responsible. However, if you are of age, you will also be held responsible for your own actions. If you break something, Aze will charge you or your parents with half the cost (or the full cost, depending on what was broken and how), but most importantly, you may be barred from future meetups depending on what caused it to be broken, and if you are a minor, your parents/guardians will be told about the incident. Similarly, if there is legal trouble or the police get involved, the group may be forcibly disbanded if any one member acts out. Aze does not need to be held accountable for your actions, but she is willing to be in order to keep the group running. Do not abuse this privilege.

13. If you have any food allergies, it is important to bring your epipen (if you have one), and to monitor your own food. Aze will do her best to watch for it as well, but she is not and cannot be responsible for what you eat or drink. Members will be notified of your allergy and asked to avoid foods with such things in it as well, but again, Aze is not and cannot be responsible for what is eaten or drunk at a meetup.

14. Do not consume any drugs or alcohol at a meetup. The moment that it is discovered that you've consumed drugs or alcohol in advance of or during a meetup, you will be disbarred from all future meetups permanently. Bringing drugs or alcohol to a meetup is likewise forbidden, as is giving any to another member, especially a minor. You are allowed, if it has dwindled to adults only, you yourself are an adult, and there are no minors in the group still present, to purchase a single drink and consume it yourself if it is served on the premises, but no more than that, and you are not to leave your drink unattended. Once the group has left the premises, or if you leave the group, you are free to do as you wish so long as the group will not be implicated in anything that happens as a result.

Aze will give each member three warnings. Upon being given the third warning, the next outburst will be met with disbarring the member from future meetups.

Finally, you won't see the meetup times or locations unless you're an Approved Member or Parent, which requires you to PM Aze with your age and, if you're a minor, either your first name or a nickname as approved by your parents, as well as a contact number for me to get in touch with your parents. If you're of age, I'll need your first and last name as well as your own phone number.

Thank you for reading the rules!

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