Meetup Times (Specific)

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Meetup Times (Specific)

Post by Aze on Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:12 am

Meetups, as I mentioned before, start at approximately 5pm at the earliest. However, also as mentioned, you/your child can arrive at any time between then and 7pm. If any parents or adults would like to join in the meetups as chaperones, I'm happy to discuss it with them. A helping hand goes a long way to keeping everyone safe!

Here are the timelines for official meetups, which are always on saturdays:

TimeGroup AgeGeneral Activity
5pm - 7pm13+Arrivals and beginning the fun
7pm - 9pm13+Fun has begun
10pm - 11:30pm16+Younger minors have left, and older minors are having fun playing with a slightly older group
11:30pm - late18+Unless there are no adults, the group will become an adult only group at this point and all minors will have left. At this point the meeting is technically considered over, but people may remain to chat if they are adults, and do whatever they wish so long as it doesn't reflect badly on the group. If there are no adults, it will remain a 16+ meetup and parents will be informed so that they can make a decision on whether their children may stay longer or not, and if so, how much longer.

Unofficial meetups have erratic times and dates, but are also on weekends. Otherwise, they are the same, and usually follow this guideline:

TimeGroup Age  General Activity
5pm - 7pm  13+  Arriving and hanging out.
7pm - 9pm  13+  Homework, fun, and other activities have started by now. However if the meeting is this long it's in a library.

Note: Meetings that take this long will likely be a way in the future once the group is properly solidified and I've got permission to bring the group into a library.

Times are subject to change if people have been barred from meetups and are likely to try to come again anyway.

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